Professional Photography


Starting at $200

1 Hour Session

3 Edited Photos

Busy Bee

Starting at $250

2 Hour Session

5 Edited Photos

RAW Photos


Starting at $350

3 Hour Session

10 Edited Photos

Raw Photos

Next Level

Starting at $450

4 Hour Session

15 Edited Photos

RAW Photos

Top Level

Starting at $500

5 Hour Session

20 Edited Photos

RAW Photos


Adult & Video Production in General


Starting at $200

10 minute video


Starting at $375

20 minute video


Starting at $550

30 minute video


Starting at $750

40 minute video


Starting at $800-$1000

50-60 minutes


Prices above are only for filming

Additional Editing hours will be added depending on the complexity of the project.

Logo Design


Basic~Starting at $150-$300

Usually 1 to 3 colors, basic shape, often just letters and simple icons


Average~Starting at $300-$600

Usually more complicated shapes, mixed colors and structure.


Complex~Starting at $600 and up

Usually includes an illustration, lots of structure and brainstorming to create.

Website Design

Basic Website

Starting at $1000

See Sample

Average Website

Starting at $1200

See Sample

Complex Website

Starting at $1500

See Sample

Ready to order?

All orders require a 50% payment upfront. A 20% refund will be issued in case the client is not happy with the final product. Payments can be made to PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or Zelle.